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Tiny Torchic by OctoberRepublic Tiny Torchic :iconoctoberrepublic:OctoberRepublic 3 8
shh I'm working on art to fill the emptiness

I deleted like all my old random crap, I'm so sorry for the lack oh gosh

stamps will go under here soon



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United States
for instance
I am two years older than everything below says I am so
I'll come around to fixing things up eventually

This whole account and my life are a perpetual work in progress.
Please disregard like
everything on here right now 'cause it's not up to date.

A Little Bit About Me

Um, my name is Stasia, but most of my friends on here refer to me as Narn. I've had various other nicknames that aren't as commonly used or important, so... I'm a 19 year old female high school graduate who's not yet able to go to college. Hopefully I'll be starting in August. ;v; The first 13 years of my live were spent in Rhode Island, the rest in South Carolina. I hope to be able to move to somewhere in Canada in the future. Being able to visit first would be nice too, but money.
I'm generally a really nice person, unless, of course, you do something that earns you a spot on my bad side. Like. Insulting and upsetting my friends or anyone important to me and so on. I'm a pretty accepting and forgiving person, but that kinda depends on things.
really weird. A little crazy. Insane, maybe, too. You may not see a lot of that with me but, yeah. I may also not appear sadistic and perverted at all, but I'm capable of being those, too. Maybe not perverted a ton, since I tend to be uncomfortable with certain things, but
I'm kind of a really awkward person, and I'm usually very shy and nervous around those I've just met until I'm used to being around them and all. It does sometimes take a long time to become 100% comfortable around a person. ;v;" This is all sort of mainly with meeting someone in person.
I'm usually always there for friends when they're upset. I may not know exactly what to say most of the time, but I'm always willing to listen to them.
And I think that's about it...
Not really sure what else to put here, um.
Libra stamp by ParamourxLights Chinese Zodiac -  Dog by Sharkfold


((Some of Them ))

Anime(Hetalia, Attack On Titan, Beyond The Boundary, Blue Exorcist, OHSHC, Soul Eater, are favorites), YouTube(I enjoy watching random videos and gamers like Pewdiepie here and there <w> ), Falling Skies, Supernatural, Whale Wars, and Doctor Who are some of the a few other shows(I need to do some major catching up on like all four of those, guh), Pokemon, Digimon, YuGiOh(Bedamon and Beyblade, too. I've loved these since I was a kid. Haven't really seen the recent generations of Digimon and YuGiOh though. Not sure if I'm fond of them.), Apocalypse related things(I honestly really enjoy watching things end due to natural events, disease, and so on. I'd be scared as heck if something like that really happened, of course. I just love watching movies and all about that for some reason.), Dystopian literature(heck yeah), Music(Different types of rock and some other genres and a billion singers/bands/groups. I listen to OneRepublic, Muse, Imagine Dragons, The Neighborhood, Awolnation, Pentatonix, Alex Clare, Lindsey Stirling, Bastille, Steam Powered Giraffe, and a ton of others.)
Video games(Mainly Pokemon, and recently Zelda(I get into things really late, gughghhgh ;; ) There are a bunch of other games I'd love to play, but. Money, the Internet of which I am currently using right now, Welcome To NightVale, MLP:FIM, webcomics(Homestuck, Ava's Demon, Monster-Pulse, Monsterkind. I think Wasted Away counts as one, too...).
A lot of things, dude.

is all
for now

Am I alive or am I dead, I don't even know
I kind of want to start new with a new account but I'm still unsure
I might, but what about this one hm


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